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picking up cones and we expect a full commute day. no problems if you are driving on nearby 680 from walnut creek to oakland. this is a look at westbound 82, that traffic looks good, now let's go back to the desk. president barack obama is waking up in the bay area this morning after several campaign events. allie rasmus is in san francisco with the message he had with thousands of supporters, good morning allie. >> reporter: good morning. you can see san francisco police have marked off a four block area around the continental hotel and that is where president barack obama stayed and while he is still in town these streets will remain closed to vehicle traffic. we are talking 4 and 6th avenue you can see the metal
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barricades, 5th street between mission and folsom. this was the president's visit starting with the intercontinental where people paid $0,000 a ticket and that was where donors paid 20,000 each and most notable was the massive 6,000 people who lined up to hear the president speak and those people paid significantly let between 75 and $200. the president urged sue posters to -- supporters to maintain support and needed to be obsessive if he was going to win the election. >> we cannot afford tax cuts for the wealthy, to gut investments for clean energy and research and technology and education. >> there were smaller groups of
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protesters outside and they were expressing their discontent like the federal crackdown on medical marijuana. there were some mitt romney supporters there as well. he stayed at the high yacht and earlier this morning we should see the motorcade. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. well on the campaign trail in the rain, mitt romney told supporters in virginia... >> america needs this, we must restore america's strength and i will do it with your help. >> mitt romney along with with
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the governor of virginia made a stop at an elementary school as the student started cheering as the motorcade raced by. you will find it in the video player on our front page. police continue to look for answers after two people were shot to debt inside a car in west oakland. it happened just before 10:00 last night. police received several reports of fun shots in the area and witnesses say they saw somebody walk up to the car and fire. attend-year-old autistic -- a 10-year-old autistic boy is safe after being separated from his family last night. it's more than three miles away from when he got lost earl yes
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in the evening and police say the boy was not hurt. a hercules woman was brutally murder friday night. last night's vigil had taken place, where people came to remember the long time teacher and the impact she made in their lives. >> she was a generally good person, carrot gold, it is difficult to speak about her in past tense. >> a sky blue with idaho plates. this afternoon, suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will learn whether or not he keeps his job.
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san francisco board of supervisors will decide whether or not sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job. it stemmed from an incident where sheriff ross mirkarimi grabbed and bruised his wife's' arm. sheriff ross mirkarimi supporters will hold a rally calling for him to be reinstated but last night a group fight being domestic violence rallied to call from his perm knap pool of from office. they will here from the city's attorney and ethics commission. the former penn state assistant coach was accused of offending 10 boys. jerry sandusky is also expected to speak.
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yesterday he issued an audio statement from jail maintaining his innocence. >> they can take away my life and in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> jerry sandusky's case led to the firing of the football coach joe paterno and trials are pending for pnc park state administrators who are accused of lying to a jury. right now estimated damage from weekend vandalism is at $12,000. yesterday they replaced shattered windows and cleaning paint at the oakland tribune and st. haul. people marched downtown to protest the war in afghanistan.
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no arrests were made. a step could be taken to increase the number of red light candles. it automatically sends citations. they will work on expanding it to 30 and that could increase income by as much as $40,000 a month with cameras. let's look at the early morning commute, hey, sal. traffic looks good about the bay. so far constructioners look good at the bay bridge toll plaza and when you get there, yesterday we had kind of a lighter day, yesterday was columbus day and today we are
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back to normal and we are looking for traffic levels to be back to normal. that traffic looks good. let's go to steve. we have some showers right along the coast and there in lies the forecast further west you go. it looks week and parallel to the coast we have not had any widespread rain so this may be it. inland sought of monterey, probably actually towards the surf, cooler and a lot of 70s, we are starting off 40s and 50s and some partly cloudy skies as well. it is getting kicked along by
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that system as it skirts us we could get splash and dash showers but the westerly breeze most of that will move south as it starts to move out of the area. the a few showers possible right along the coast. a few mid-70s and there is a possibility of getting warmer as we head to the weekend, pam. another violent incident in a popular east bay woman. it is a win or to go home for the o land a a -- oakland a's. it is tonight's division series
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game. we will have more about the morning commute and bay area weather coming up, and the commute looks good in oakland. stay tuned.
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. testimony continues in the murder of michelle le and her body was found near sunole four months later. giselle esteban killed her because she believed michelle le was dating her baby's father. a man attacked a woman with a knife. the attack handed on the -- happened on the trail. the suspect rode his bike
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passed the victim. the victim ran about a half mile to mcdonald's for help. >> the lady was crying begging me to open the door, can you call the cops. mud all over her. she said this guy attacked me. >> we had the suspect and we don't believe they are connected at this time. >> they are looking for clues. the suspect is last seen wearing black leather pants and was riding a mountain bike. anybody who knows anything please call police. a single accidental gunshot in a 7th grade classroom. two boys were arrested monday and now face felony charges.
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the 11-year-old brought the gun and handed it to the 12-year- old who concealed it in his pants setting off a stray bullet and fortunately nobody was hurt. and outside a morgan hill home, it is causing shock and rage. it only attacks president barack obama, now just feet from mitt romney's chair, an a parent noose and a sign that says quote, go back to kenyan the sign made people uncomfortable. >> it is a little -- kenya and the sign made people uncomfortable. >> he said he made the display but he declined to talk on
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camera and said the display speaks for itself. nobel prizes, david was one of the winners in 2012. he as others were responsible for making this invention. he received his degree from berkeley university. also receiving his degree from berkeley, sal castaneda. thank you, pam. we have a pretty good commute to start off on 80 westbound, it looks good as you drive from vallejo, bay bridge is light but it's not going to stay this way too much longer but right now is a good time to go. we are looking at the commute on 101 we have a minor crash. it is just before the cal
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palace exit and it is not blocking lanes but you may see some activity on the shoulder. let's go to steve. it has been out here for 2. 5 weeks. it is getting a bump along and the key looks like it is going to go bar little to the -- parallel to the coast, maybe some showers towards santa barbara and sierra in the way for the mix of some showers. you have a better opportunity for anybody other than them and it probably will not happen. breezy 60s and 70s, the logos on its way south of us. napa airport, including
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livermore. not much for this system, it does have a little bit of strength. mainly 60s and 70s and the track favors everything on the south. santa cruz monterey and areas south and also east. showers near the coast, possibility also some fog out there, being reported 60s and 70s for about 95, partly cloudy skies into wednesday and a breeze will kick in behind us. it does look on the warmer side, pam. well later this morning, max wade the man accused of stealing a celebrity chef's car is due back in court. he is wanted for murder for shooting two people in a car
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and also stealing a yellow lambberg gene my owned by -- lambberg gene any. he is was arrested after getting into a fight on labor day. yesterday, prosecutors said they are dropping the charges because there are conflicting stories about what happened and not enough evidence. an it is being delayed because of winds. the extreme athlete was scheduled to take off in a 55 story helium balloon that would take him into the stratus atmosphere. once he jumps he will free fall where he will attempt to become
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the first person going at the speed of sound. he is hoping the wind will die down before the window closes before 9:00 a.m. and the team is facing must wins in their respective division series. fans gathered yesterday at the plaza ahead of tonight's game, they host detroit tigers at 6:00 game 3, i understand they will be there hoping to save the team from elimination. now objecting -- oakland people are asking them to remove the area and some say they don't want to open the area and only sell a couple of thousand tickets. the team will make a decision whether or not to remove the
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tarps should the a's advance. and they face a must win game in cincinnati. they have been tapped to get the team back on track after they lost the two division games in san francisco. the giants need to win three games in a row in cincinnati and they had three of the second half of the season shall see done. -- season. today them man marcus is kicking off -- them man marcus is kicking off and they are known for their extremely expensive gifts. last year they showed catalogs on a speed boat. it is still a few weeks
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away but they are already casting their ballots. why some casting by male may have to worry about their vote not counting. and why does this question religion and how much people willing to pay?
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. early voting is leading to a problem. some people vote early because they will be out of town and some vote because they are afraid they will not be able to vote at all but some don't match on file. >> they don't match perfectly but we have to be able to say, yes that is the same person. >> the biggest discrepancy, they are between 2039 years old and a half the ballots are cast by that age group. one theory is they don't pay attention to how they sign their names because they are more used to passwords. they have big bragging rights at the half-moon pumpkin
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weigh off... [crowd noise] >> he won more than $10,000 for growing this thousand pumpkin. it will be on display this weekend. 454 is the time, let's check back in with sal, i know there is a lot of traffic, sal? that is how it goes, highway 2 or highway 1, good morning everybody, not much going on, there is an accident and a big-rig right near the exit point and you may see slowed traffic in this area and you will definitely see chp. moving along and taking a look at 880, that traffic is moving along nicely with no major
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problems. if you are trying to cross the dumbarton or the san mateo, it is clear with clear visibility. >> that low is beginning to move, it has a little bit of strength to it, we have indications of some lightning strikes offshore, it's two 50 miles west of the gold golden gate. again it looks like it wants to hug the coast and move down. this is a weak system, sun and clouds the something shows any sign of it. in fact a lot of upper 60s, 70s and san jose napa 45, another cool morning, there is cool
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morning with some fog. showers are near the coast and sun and clouds otherwise, temperatures 60s and 70s and there is not much of a difference compared to yesterday. it will be the window of opportunity and it is out of here. >> thank you, steve. he challenges the idea of god on the block, auction block and einstein dismisses the idea. coming up. how president barack obama connected assess my street -- a sesame street character elmo to a famous murder trial. and we have more on something that is giving the
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interest to the justice department.
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